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Knowledge Series

Knowledge Series

Uma série de publicação da COL disponíveis abaixo.

The Knowledge Series is a topical, start-up guide to distance education practice and delivery. New titles are published each year.
THE SERIES IS AVAILABLE through the links below in up to three formats: HTML web pages, downloadable Acrobat PDF files, and eBook PDB files.
This series is aimed at education professionals relatively new to distance education, with content just detailed enough for introductory use by and for trainers - whether educational, vocational or corporate.
The expert-authored, ongoing series is a succinct, topic-by-topic overview of distance education theory and practice. With a reader-friendly approach, Knowledge Series titles are limited to six pages each, with print versions presented in a foldout format. Each title includes a bibliography and a further reading list.
In addition to being available on this web site, single copies of Knowledge Series titles are available at no charge, with the proviso that the contents are used or reproduced for non-commercial purposes and with acknowledgement to the author and to COL. For print or CD-ROM copies, please contact The Commonwealth of Learning at info@col.org. The Knowledge Series is also generally available through COL-affiliated projects and institutions.



Acquiring Accreditation in Distance Learningby Wendy R. Kilfoil HTML PDF (1.7MB)
Adapting Learning Materials for Distance Learningby Clayton R. Wright HTML PDF(1.2MB)
Designing Learning Objects for Online Learningby Solvig Norman and David Porter HTML PDF(1.9MB)
Knowledge Management Strategies for Distance Educationby Neil Butcher HTML PDF(1.5MB)


Managing Student Records in Distance Educationby Christine Randell HTML PDF (1MB)
Mobile Learning in Developing Countries by John Traxler and Agnes Kukulska-Julme HTML PDF (324kb)
Producing Gender-Sensitive Materials for Open and Distance Learningby Maree Bentley and Karen Bentley HTML PDF (596kb)
Quality Assurance in Open and Distance Learning by Denise Kirkpatrick HTML PDF (1.6MB)
Tutoring in Open and Distance Learning by A.M. Daweti HTML PDF (2MB)
Using Information and Communications Technology for Agricultural Extensionby Ajit Maru and Colin Latchem HTML PDF (512kb)


Establishing Copyright Procedure in Distance Educationby Christine Swales HTML PDF (398kb)
Developing Library and Information Services for Distance Educationby Elizabeth F. Watson HTML PDF (196kb)
Open and Distance Learning Policy Development(Particular Reference to Dual Mode Institutions)by John Bottomley and Jocelyn Calvert HTML PDF (473kb)
Institutional Collaboration in Distance Education Development and Delivery by Chandra B. Sharma and Sohanvir S. Chaudhary HTML PDF (310kb)


Designing Online Learningby Sanjaya Mishra HTML PDF (141kb) PDB e-Book
Audio/Audioconferencing in Support of Distance Education by Paul Macmullen HTML PDF (157kb) PDB e-Book
Video/Videoconferencing in Support of Distance Educationby Linda Stilborne and Peter MacGibbon HTML PDF (152kb) PDB
Using Community Radio for Non-Formal Education by John Thomas HTML PDF (176kb) PDB e-Book
Using Telecentres in Support of Distance Educationby Colin Latchem HTML PDF (174kb) PDB e-Book
Analysing Costs/Benefits for Distance Education Programmes by Greville Rumble HTML PDF (130kb) PDB e-Book


Instructional Design for Self-Learning for Distance Education by David Murphy HTML PDF (290 kb) PDB e-Book
Editing Distance Education Materialsby Christine Swales HTML PDF (170 kb) PDB e-Book
Managing for Electronic Networking by Margaret Haughey HTML PDF (290 kb) PDB e-Book
The Use of Multi Media in Distance Education by Terry Tooth HTML PDF (220 kb) PDB e-Book
Support Groups in Distance Education by Michael Robertshaw HTML PDF (170 kb) PDB e-Book

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